Rosie and Logan Forever

Over Memorial Day weekend, we got to watch two of our dearest friends get engaged — Logan proposed on stage at the Haines Craft Beer and Home Brew Festival after home brew winners were announced, Rosie said yes — and on July 3, we joined the couple and a bunch of friends in celebrating their engagement.

Rosie requested buttons for the event and after trying out a few typography-heavy designs as a team, Melissa decided to try a portrait. She opted for a fun, comics-inspired style and drew the couple in pencil based on a photo from the day of the proposal, inked a copy, scanned it into the computer and colored with Illustrator.

We liked the illustration so much, we wanted to make something larger than a button and opted for a card, with a custom message and some custom fireworks graphics.

Then we went really wild and made the card-front into an 11×17″ poster and framed it as a gift. Luckily they like the illustration as much as we do.

We think custom illustrations and graphics are super fun. A portrait can be a fun gift for a friend or personal branding. As you can see, the illustration can be applied in a number of ways, from cards to posters to website graphics.

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