Flats Fix-it Facility

When Marc Wheeler of Coppa contacted us with an idea to improve our neighborhood, we agreed to help bring the Flats Fix-it Facility to fruition. It’s a free, public bike maintenance stand with all the basic tools, located in one of Juneau’s key bike commute corridors.

The first thing we did was help come up with a name that would be memorable and fun — who doesn’t love alliteration? Then we came up with a logo that will let people know at a glance what Flats Fix-it is all about. A bike wheel? Tools (that look like F’s)? Perfect.

We also built a site that will always let people biking in Juneau know where they can stop to tune up a bike, whether they’re locals or visitors. The aesthetic is consistent with the branding, easy to read and fun. We designed a custom pattern for the background and brought the same font from the logo into the titling on the site.

Many organizations and businesses partnered to make the project possible and Pixel & Plume is proud to number among them.

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