Alaskan Scorcher Poster

Alaskan Scorcher

Alaskan Scorcher is a music project focused on ’60s Ska, Rocksteady, Garage Rock, Psych, Soul and various other types of music from different parts of the world.

It began in 2011 with Jerry “DJ Doctor DJ” Jenkins and Todd “DJ Taco Todd” Mace having a time slot on our local radio station, 102.7FM KTOO. After a year, Scorcher moved to 100.7FM KXLL where you can listen in every Tuesday night from 8-10pm.

At the five-year mark, Scorcher was overdue for some eye-catching branding. Pulling from imagery of the Psychedelic ’60s, the all-knowing eye was a perfect fit. It’s a 100 percent vector image, which makes it suitable for print media at any size. For example, the image was scaled down for 1″ buttons and scaled up for fliers.

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